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"Learn the rules like a pro, so you van break them like an artist."
-Pablo Picasso

Elizabeth or "Liz" (as many of her clients and friends know her) has been a licensed Esthetician and Nail Tech since 2004. We welcomed Liz to the MSDS team in 2009, where she brought so much knowledge, passion,  and brightness to our spa. Liz is a Master in all things skin! She offers so many services from Lash Extensions to Dermaplaning. I don't think Liz is ever bored because she is always trying something new, wether she is getting a new certification or trying a new technique, she is always keeping her guests up to date on the best of the best the skin and beauty industry have to offer. She wants you to get what YOU want out of your appointment. She can put you to sleep from relaxation or listen to your life story. Liz is an Artist, even during her off time she is creating arts and crafts and trying new DIY projects. Click the instagram icon to view Liz's gallery. 

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With over 13 years of experience behind the chair, Joe specializes in modern haircutting and hair color. Maintaining the health of the hair. Joe customizes each look to best suit his guest, both new and returning

Lived In Color (3 hour Custom Color)


3 hour custom color appointment to give you a lived-in or blonde hair of your dreams. This appointment includes a full lightening service, customized gloss/ root melt and blow-out. 


Lived In Color Maintenance (2 hour service)


2 hour custom color appointment to maintain your lived-in or blonde hair. This appointment includes a partial lightening service, customized gloss/ root melt and blow-out. 


Partial Highlight (includes face frame & crown) $200+


Partial crown highlights. Includes gloss and blowout. 

Full Highlight $250+


Full highlights. Includes gloss and blowout. 

Single Process Root Re-touch $100


includes blow-out

Add Shine Gloss to root re-touch $25




one hour service includes blow-out

Barbering $50+

30 min service using clippers or scissor over comb