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What is the difference between a haircut and a trim?​

None! There is no difference between a haircut and a trim. Whether it be one quarter of an inch or ten inches taken off - the precision and skill it takes to accomplish what you want takes the same amount of time.

Why is there a range for cut and color pricing?

There is a range of color and cut pricing because there are many determining factors that go into the entire appointment. One important variable is the level of stylist you choose - New Talent stylists will generally have a lower price point than that of a Master Stylist due to the number of years of experience they possess. Another variable can be time and product use. The longer or more hair you have could impact the amount of time or product needed to accomplish the end result you desire.

What is the after-care for lash extensions?

We are loving this new addition to our spa services! Lash extensions follow the natural cycles of your own lashes - meaning extensions shed when your lashes shed! For those reasons,  it is recommended to get your fill set every 2-3 weeks after your first full set. If you wait after 3 weeks from your previous appointment, you will most likely require a full set for the best quality results. To ensure your lashes last and look fabulous for as long as possible, follow these simple steps:

1. wait 24 hours before getting your lashes wet

2. avoid using oil based products

3. don't touch those lashes! It's tempting... leave them be!

What is the difference between the levels of stylists?

We offer services from New Talent, Junior, Senior, and Master Stylists at MSDS. All stylists are licenced cosmetologists with varying amounts of professional and advanced educational experience.  New Talent stylists are gaining experience with their own clients in a salon atmosphere and have generally assisted in the salon for about one year. Junior Stylists have at least one year of professional salon experience and are working on continuing their advanced education. Senior Stylists have at least 5 years of professional salon experience, and have taken advanced education classes. Master Stylists have at least 10 years professional salon experience and have taken extensive advanced education courses.

It is OK to try out other stylists or therapists?

At MSDS, we recognize the need for change. If your stylist or therapist is not meeting your needs, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that we appreciate honesty and support your decision to switch things up if need be. Change is needed at times! We hope that when you would like to make a change, that it be made to another stylist from our team and not another facility, as we want to ensure the best experience for all of our guests. There is no need to stress over change, your previous stylist will still be happy to chat with you and give you a smile when you come in!

Policy FAQ's

What is your cancellation policy?

Things come up. Schedules change. Rescheduling and cancellations are sometimes unavoidable! We understand these things and respect your time and schedule. We ask that if a cancellation is necessary, you respect your stylist/therapists time as well and let them know 24 hours in advance to avoid a 50% charge of the service you were scheduled for. We will do everything we can to accommodate you if a cancellation has to be made for your appointment.

Should I call the salon if I think I will be late to my appointment?

Please do! Most of the time, we can make it work if you are behind a slow driver and let us know that you will be a few minutes late. However, if you are running 15 minutes behind, we may ask you to reschedule to another day.  

I'm not completely satisfied.. What should I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible, and take comfort knowing that this feedback is valuable for us to grow as a team. Having a positive experience at MSDS is our main goal, and we want to ensure that you leave here feeling your absolute best. If you are unsatisfied, please let us know so that we can do what it takes to make the situation better. 

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