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Have you ever wanted to try lash extensions? Perhaps you went au natural during quarantine and need a pick me up. If you want to know about lash after care and maintenance this blog is for you. BONUS mention this blog post and receive 15% off your full lash set for March!

First lets start by introducing our lash artist Amanda True. She wears many hats here at MSDS but hair and lash extensions are her forte! Amanda found her salon home with us in 2015. She is passionate, creative, and pays attention to the smallest detail.

Now that you know about the artist, let's talk about the lashes!

The average cycle of a single lash is about 100 days. While some individual eyelash extensions may last as long as 2 months, to ideally maintain the fullness and for best results, we recommend you Re-Lavish about every 3 weeks.

The cost of a full set is $185. A fill set every 2-3 weeks is $85. We recently added "the wing" to our lash menu. The wing is when Amanda adds length and volume to the outside corners of your lashes giving you the perfect amount of volume and length without committing to a full set. This is great for a natural look, for events, or for someone who needs just a little pick me up. It makes a HUGE difference. This service is $150.

Time. Your first appointment is anywhere from 90 min - 120 min. Please arrive with bare lashes and no eye make up or facial moisturizer.

Lash Extensions: Do's and Don'ts

  • DON'T get your extensions wet for 24-48 hours after application. ...

  • DON'T use oily products near your eyes.

  • DO take care of your natural lashes.

  • DON'T forget to brush your lashes while dry.

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